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Strong Carton Box 9 
Strong Carton Box 9

Product Name: Strong Carton Box
Strong Carton Box
(Shipping fee inlcuded)
 Hong Kong is expected to arrive 1-3 days
 China is expected to arrive 2-8 days
 Overseas area is expected to arrive 1-8 weeks
* Overseas customers may request (DHL, UPS, etc. courier delivery is expected to arrive 1-5 days) after the freight will be cash on delivery to the courier company *

To ensure that the goods within 7 days if not satisfied with the free replacement (freight is not included, the customer please pay attention)
* packaging damage, can not be replaced, please note *
Price: Hong Kong HK$ ------------ (Hong Kong)

China and Asia US$ ------------ (China)

Oversea US$ ------------ (Oversea)

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