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This product is a vacuum packaging materials required for strength,moisture-proof and rust-proof function is the best vacuum packaging materials
1.Special physical properties: good tensile strength was particularly sharp-punctured, and will not cause Kai split point and the entire film.

2.You can save time and money in the more efficient packaging materials.

3.Vacuum packaging the product in accordance with the process of packaging,will be able to achieve complete product protection and rust-proof, moisture-proof results.
To use:
1.Can be all kinds of metal packaging products or semiconductor products, Machine Tools, precision machinery parts hardware, electronics, electrical products,measurement equipment,mould etc should be suitable.

2.Can be used for large-scale metal goods ( such as machinery, steel plate, coil, the engine etc.... and so on ) in the preservation of the production process and export products of rust-proof packaging.

3.Suited to the aerospace industry, long-term storage of arms products quality products. We offer the most attractive price and the integrity of Online Teaching, effectively enhance your company product quality and competitiveness of the packaging