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EASY D.I.Y. COMPANY purpose to service customer first,we have excellent experience.Since the beginning of the 80 century for service to customer vacuum packaging,All Customer are very satisfaction.
Moreover any big and small wooden cases,packing heavy-duty machine,  precision computer, brittle goods, valuable goods hand over by my company  packing design , the security deliver the destination,all customer are satisfied, feel relieved the use.

The wooden cases packing experience more than 40 years. my company designed wooden cases many year, Now we  success created of environmental protection plywood cases, already obtained the international approval patent.

This cases characteristic : Does not need the fumigation and very easy to pack and recycle, the biggest advantage may raw material return easily majority to the primitive condition, has the very big advantage to the environment.
Tomorrow's environmental protection, is your choice today's .

 Please support the environmental protection, thanks!
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